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Heraldry search results: hmcs - 56 image(s)
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ID: 11586
Canadian Navy HMCS Algonquin (DDG 283), destroyer badge (crest)
ID: 11585
Canadian Navy HMCS Athabaskan (DDG 282), destroyer badge (crest)
ID: 11576
Canadian Navy HMCS Brandon (MM 710), patrol vessel badge (crest)
ID: 3960
Canadian Navy HMCS Calgary (FFH-335), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 11582
Canadian Navy HMCS Charlottetown (FFH 339), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 20562
Canadian Navy HMCS Fredericton (FFH 337), frigate badge (crest)

ID: 14352
Canadian Navy HMCS Halifax (FFH-335), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 11587
Canadian Navy HMCS Huron (DDG 281), destroyer badge (crest)
ID: 11568
Canadian Navy HMCS Iroquois (DDG 280), destroyer badge (crest)
ID: 11573
Canadian Navy HMCS Kingston (MM 700), patrol vessel badge (crest)
ID: 11571
Canadian Navy HMCS Moncton (MM 708), patrol vessel badge (crest)
ID: 11577
Canadian Navy HMCS Montreal (FFH 336), frigate badge (crest)

ID: 11569
Canadian Navy HMCS Nanaimo (MM 702), patrol vessel badge (crest)
ID: 11579
Canadian Navy HMCS Ottawa (FFH 341), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 11578
Canadian Navy HMCS Regina (FFH 334), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 11575
Canadian Navy HMCS Saskatoon (MM 709), patrol vessel badge (crest)
ID: 11572
Canadian Navy HMCS Shawinigan (MM 704), patrol vessel badge (crest)
ID: 11583
Canadian Navy HMCS St. John`s (FFH 340), frigate badge (crest)

ID: 11581
Canadian Navy HMCS Vancouver (FFH 331), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 20242
Canadian Navy HMCS Venture, badge (crest)
ID: 11584
Canadian Navy HMCS Ville de Quebec (FFH 332), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 11570
Canadian Navy HMCS Whitehorse (MM 705), patrol vessel badge (crest)
ID: 11580
Canadian Navy HMCS Winnipeg (FFH 338), frigate badge (crest)
ID: 11574
Canadian Navy HMCS Yellowknife (MM 706), patrol vessel badge (crest)

ID: 15649
Canadian Forces HMCS Edmonton (MM 703), coastal defence vessel crest
ID: 11637
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Cabot, badge (crest)
ID: 11638
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Carleton, badge (crest)
ID: 11631
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Cataraqui, badge (crest)
ID: 11632
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Champlain, badge (crest)
ID: 11218
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Chippawa (Canada), badge (crest)

ID: 11212
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Discovery (Canada), badge (crest)
ID: 11217
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Donnacona (Canada), badge (crest)
ID: 11213
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Griffon (Canada), badge (crest)
ID: 11639
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Hunter, badge (crest)
ID: 11633
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Jolliet, badge (crest)
ID: 11214
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Malahat (Canada), badge (crest)

ID: 11634
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Montcalm, badge (crest)
ID: 11219
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Nonsuch (Canada), badge (crest)
ID: 11635
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Prevost, badge (crest)
ID: 11216
Canadian Naval Reserve HMCS Queen (Canada), badge (crest)

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