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Tribal Flames Clipart - Vector clipart set

Tribal Flames Clipart
1016 vector images

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Tribal flames vector clipart bundle contains Simple Tribal Flames, Animal and Monster Flame Tattoos, Star Flames, Racing Flames, Canadian Maple Leaf Flames, Round Flames.

The collection contains only the images indicated in the list below.

Bundle "Tribal Flames Clipart" contains the following vector clipart sets:
›› Simple Tribal Flames - Vector clip arts of powerful tribal flames. Professional vinyl ready vehicle (automotive) vector graphics and tattoos. ($48.95)
›› Animal Flames - 200+ vector clip arts of powerful animal flames. Lions, tigers, deers, wolves, dogs, bears, birds, horses, dragons, fish, reptiles, monsters, etc. Professional vinyl ready vehicle (automotive) vector graphics and tattoos. ($37.95)
›› Racing flames and race tattoos - 175 racing tribal vector images. Flames and symmetrical race tribal tattoos. Professional vinyl ready vehicle (automotive) vector graphics and tattoos. ($34.95)
›› Star flames - 120+ vector star flames (American patriotic vector clip arts). Professional vinyl ready vehicle (automotive) vector graphics and tattoos. ($33.95)
›› Canadian maple leaf flames and tattoos - 100+ vector maple leaf flames and tribal tattoos (Canadian patriotic vector clip arts). Professional vinyl ready vehicle vector graphics and tattoos. ($42.95)
›› Round flames - 75 black and white round (solar) flame vector images. Professional vinyl ready vector clipart. ($37.95)

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The CD orders are shipped by post (Economy Air Mail). It might take 2 or 3 weeks to deliver the CD by post in Europe and 2 or 4 weeks to the USA, Canada and other regions; cost $0. We do not charge for postage.
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The list of images the set contains:

Total vector images - 1016


race flag flames:
Flame Style 1:
Flame Style 2:
Flame Style 3:
Flame Style 4:
Flame Style 5:
Lion and tiger flames:
Horse flames:
Dog flames:
Bird flames (eagles, roosters, ravens):
Dragon and dinosaur flames:
Reptile flames (snakes, lizards, crocodiles):
Insect flames (butterflies and scorpions):
Other animal flames:
Monster flames:
Vertical flames:
Large horisontal flames:
race flames:
Race tribal tattoos 1:
Race tribal tattoos 2:
Star flames, style 1:
Star flames, style 2:
Star flames, style 3:
Canadian maple leaf flames 1:
Canadian maple leaf flames 2:
Canadian maple leaf tribal tattoos:
Round flame tattoos:
round/oval flames:
Race tribal tattoos 3:
Symmetrical race tattoos:


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