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Transportation Clipart - Vector clipart set

Transportation Clipart
Transportation Clipart
1569 vector images

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Vector clipart CD 'Transportation Clipart'
Transportation vector clipart bundle contains Cars & Car Spares clipart, Aircraft clipart, Motorcycles, Ships & Boats clipart, Trains clipart, Road Signs.

The collection contains only the images indicated in the list below.

Bundle "Transportation Clipart" contains the following vector clipart sets:
›› Cars and car spares - 700+ vector images of cars, trucks, buses, road-building machineries. Modern and classic vehicles and car spares. All major brands: Mercedes, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Renault, VW, Opel, etc. ($28.95)
›› Ships and Boats Clipart - 190+ vector graphic images of ships, boats, yachts, steamers and lighthouses also. ($27.95)
›› Aircraft Clipart - Aircraft vector clipart designs: civil airplanes, military fighters, helicopters, planers, dirigibles and balloons. ($27.95)
›› Road signs - Vector images of Russian road signs and road marking. ($33.95)
›› Motorcycles Clipart - Simple and detailed, color and black/white vector clipart images of motorcycles. ($33.95)
›› Trains and Trams Clipart - 50+ vector images of steam engines, modern trains and trams. ($27.95)
›› Vintage Hot Rods Clipart - 100 colour and black and white hot rod images (classic and race cars with tribal flames). Professional vinyl ready vector graphics. ($38.95)
›› Truck Flames Clipart - 200 professional vector vehicle graphic images: color and black/white trucks with flames. Modern and vintage trucks and pickups. ($44.95)

Vector clipart CD 'Transportation Clipart'CD option

Ship and Download - $83.95

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What if your laptop doesn't have a CD/DVD-ROM? Not a problem! You can just order USB Flash Drive with all the files instead of CD.

When you purchase the CD on, you can download any or all images, while the CD is in transit to you and during 6 months starting from the ordering date.

The CD orders are shipped by post (Economy Air Mail). It might take 2 or 3 weeks to deliver the CD by post in Europe and 2 or 4 weeks to the USA, Canada and other regions; cost $0. We do not charge for postage.
Note: 2CO/2CheckOut (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by

The list of images the set contains:

Total vector images - 1569


Modern cars:
Vector Clip Art - Modern cars
Deluxe and sport cars:
Vector Clip Art - Deluxe and sport cars
Old cars, style 1:
Vector Clip Art - Old cars, style 1
Old cars, style 2:
Vector Clip Art - Old cars, style 2
Minivans and microbuses:
Vector Clip Art - Minivans and microbuses
Vector Clip Art - Trucks
Vector Clip Art - Buses
Road-building machinery:
Vector Clip Art - Road-building machinery
Car spares:
Vector Clip Art - Car spares
Ancient ships:
Vector Clip Art - Ancient ships
Steamers (steamboats):
Vector Clip Art - Steamers (steamboats)
Modern ships:
Vector Clip Art - Modern ships
Motor boats and sailing boats:
Vector Clip Art - Motor boats and sailing boats
Vector Clip Art - Yachts
Agricultural machinery:
Vector Clip Art - Agricultural machinery
Vector Clip Art - Lighthouses
Modern trains:
Vector Clip Art - Modern trains
Vector Clip Art - Trams
Vector Clip Art - Taxi
Color Motorcycle Images:
Vector Clip Art - Color Motorcycle Images
Black & White Motorcycle Images:
Vector Clip Art - Black & White Motorcycle Images
Color Vintage Hot Rods Clipart:
Vector Clip Art - Color Vintage Hot Rods Clipart
Black and White Vintage Hot Rods Clipart:
Vector Clip Art - Black and White Vintage Hot Rods Clipart
Color Truck Flames Clipart:
Vector Clip Art - Color Truck Flames Clipart
B/W Truck Flames Clipart:
Vector Clip Art - B/W Truck Flames Clipart
Vintage truck flames clipart:
Vector Clip Art - Vintage truck flames clipart
Vintage pickup flames clipart:
Vector Clip Art - Vintage pickup flames clipart


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