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Ornaments Clipart - Vector clipart set

Ornaments Clipart
2140 vector images

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Ornaments vector clipart bundle contains Medieval Ornaments and Decorations, Chinese Ornaments, Japanese Ornaments, Ancient Egyptian Designs, Ornamental Wreaths, Flowers and Floral Designs.

The collection contains only the images indicated in the list below.

Bundle "Ornaments Clipart" contains the following vector clipart sets:
›› Ancient Egyptian Designs - 190+ vector clip arts of the ancient Egyptian designs: ancient Egyptian gods, ornamental patterns and decorations ($39.95)
›› Flowers & Floral Art Designs - The Flower collection contains a lot of vector clip arts of flowers and floral clipart designs, ornaments and decorations. It is more then 450 vector images. The collection contains categories like flower ornaments, indoor and outdoor flowers, trees, leaves and bond singly. Various roses, poppies, camomiles, narcissi, bluebells, lilies, tulips and much more. Cactuses and water flowers as water lily or cane. About 30 tree images and also tree leaves and bonds with berries cones on it. Different styles, different colors, unique images! ($27.95)
›› Old-Time Decorations and Medieval Ornaments - The very special decoration clipart set that's able to give Old-Time spirit to any creative idea. More then 290 vector images of Old –Time and medieval decorations presented in classical types: lines, knots, patterns, corners, borders, Celtic artworks also. ($41.95)
›› Chinese designs and ornaments - The collection of 250 vector cliparts based on Chinese culture and arts. Chinese ornamental and flower colored ornaments and designs. Vector images of mythical heroes, animals (lions and more), birds (peacock and more) and dragons. The main Chinese traditional motives are reproduced by these images. ($42.95)
›› Ornamental Wreaths Clipart - Black and white vector ornamental wreath designs in three styles. Professional vinyl ready vehicle vector graphics and tattoos. ($37.95)
›› Japanese ornaments and designs - Vector images of miscellaneous japanese ornamental and decoration designs: flower ornaments, animalistic designs (fish, birds), borders, patterns and dingbats ($38.95)
›› Medieval Celtic Designs - Mostly colorful and very impressive set of 371 colored Medieval Celtic clipart designs. The collection contains numerous Celtic initial letters, Celtic animal, birds, fish and human designs, Celtic frames and full page decorations, knots, ornaments from ancient Celtic illuminated Gospels manuscripts (Book of Kells, Book of Deer, Book of Durrow, Lindisfarne Gospels, etc). ($48.95)
›› Old Manuscript Illustrations - 70 vector designs based on the illustrations from old time illuminated manuscripts and Gospels: celtic, romanesque, protogothic and gothic decorations, knots, initial/capital letters, ornaments and vignettes. Canon tables, four evangelist, frames and much more. ($49.95)
›› Art Nouveau Decorations - The collection of ornaments and decorations in art nuoveau style created in 19-20th century - frames, corners, borders, patterns, dingbats and artworks. ($44.95)

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When you purchase the CD on, you can download any or all images, while the CD is in transit to you and during 6 months starting from the ordering date.

The CD orders are shipped by post (Economy Air Mail). It might take 2 or 3 weeks to deliver the CD by post in Europe and 2 or 4 weeks to the USA, Canada and other regions; cost $0. We do not charge for postage.
Note: 2CO/2CheckOut (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by

The list of images the set contains:

Total vector images - 2140


Flowers, style 1:
Chinese myhical designs:
Medieval knots and dingbats:
Medieval ornamental patterns:
Medieval ornamental corners:
Medieval frames and panels:
Medieval rule lines:
Medieval border lines:
Flowers, style 2:
Flowers, style 3:
Flowers, style 4:
Flowers, style 5:
Flowers, style 6:
Flowers, style 7:
Leaves and fronds:
Chinese flower ornaments:
Chinese ornaments:
Chinese animal designs:
Wreaths, Style 1:
Japanese floral patterns:
Japanese mons & dingbats:
Japanese design elements:
Wreaths, Style 2:
Wreaths, Style 3:
Japanese artistic designs:
Chinese bird designs:
Chinese decorated patterns:
Chinese flower ornaments 2:
Chinese dragon designs:
Ancient Celtic Initial Letters:
Celtic Animal & Bird Designs:
Egyptian gods (Horus, Ra, Anubis, Osiris, Toth, etc.):
Egyptian goddesses (Mut, Hator, Isis, etc):
Egyptian Clip Arts:
Ancient Egyptian Ornaments:
Ancient Egyptian ornamental patterns:
Initial Letters:
Miscellaneous Old-Time Designs:
Celtic Decorated Plates from Illuminated Manuscripts:
Celtic Portraits of the Evangelists:
Miscellaneous Celtic Decorations:
Art Nouveau Frames:
Art Nouveau Ornaments:
Art Nouveau Patterns:
Art Nouveau Artworks:
Four Evangelists:


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