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Search: kgb

Heraldry search results: kgb - 13 image(s)

ID: 691
Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), emblem
ID: 24546
Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), emblem (#2)
ID: 23708
Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), flag
ID: 23709
Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), small emblem
ID: 6693
Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), sleeve insignia (1990s)
ID: 23710
Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), sleeve insignias (2008)

ID: 9537
KGB (USSR), insignia of honorary officer (1957)
ID: 10764
Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), chief flag
ID: 9541
GPU (KGB, USSR), 15th anniversary medal (1932)
ID: 9540
GPU (KGB, USSR), 5th anniversary medal (1923)
ID: 9538
KGB (USSR), 70th anniversary medal
ID: 9539
NKVD (KGB, USSR), insignia of honored officer (1940)

ID: 24477
Transnistria Committee for State Security, emblem

Clipart search results: kgb - 9 image(s)
images shown from 1 to 9

ID: C2877986
Vector clipart: KGB, White House, MSU and Ostankino TV tower
ID: C2688899
Vector clipart: inscription Putin with sign of hammer and sickle
ID: C3552179
Vector clipart: attack diversion radioactive waste gas
ID: C3592577
Vector clipart: attack diversion toxic gas chemical waste
ID: C3636244
Vector clipart: Russia Ushanka and red star. Russian cap. National
ID: C3636344
Vector clipart: Russia Ushanka and red star. Russian cap. National

ID: C2688901
Vector clipart: Inscription Putin with barbed wire
ID: C2825361
Vector clipart: Insignia of State Security 1937-1939 year
ID: C3683150
Vector clipart: Ushanka Russian Folk traditional hat winter.
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ID: 3173906
Photo 300 DPI: 50-years anniversary of KGB on post stamp
[3747x5293 px]
ID: 5975393
Photo 300 DPI: Lubyanka square by FSB and KGB headquarters
[5000x3337 px]
ID: 3449882
Photo 300 DPI: Solovki stone at Lubyanka
[3600x2400 px]
ID: 3449883
Photo 300 DPI: Building at Lubyanka
[3103x2000 px]
ID: 3564463
Photo 300 DPI: monument ro Makarov pistol
[5616x3744 px]
ID: 3204760
Photo 300 DPI: Top Secret Files / Confidential
[3600x4600 px]
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